Other Services

Besides PhD and Masters Degree project / research works, we also provides research and consultancy services to various non-academic groups and agencies such as government, NGOs, individuals etc.

  • Data analysis
  • Report writing for various agencies- private, public or NGOs.
  • Questionnaire plan/formatting
  • Statistical Analysis

Book Editing and formatting

So you have your thesis written? Ok, the next step is to convert your thesis into a book. Converting a thesis into a book calls for the need to format and edit the write up to make it publishable.

Normally thesis is typed in A4 size pages. However, books have standard sizes viz. 6 x 9 (inches) , 5.5 x 8.5 (inches),   5 x 8 (inches) etc.

Our book editing services includes:

  • Proof reading and editing.
  • Formatting the thesis/write up into the desired book size.

Book Cover Designing Services

To assist you with complete solution, we also provide book cover designing as an additional service. Beside your research report, you can avail book cover design from us.

Assistance in contacting publishers

Having done all the necessary editing and formatting of the book, the last and final step is to find a reliable publisher and publish the book and sell it on various stores  viz. Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Our team also provides assistance in

  • Contacting publishers on your behalf
  • Help you get through the publication process.

Some books we have helped publish:

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